fotó Dear Visitor!

   Welcome to my virtual gallery, I'm pleased you spend some time here. Please come with me for a walk on my windblown road of wildflowers. Leave your comments in my guestbook if you liked it... Your words are my reward, fairy-powder that mixes with watercolor and eternal continuity transpires...

On the path of fairies...

   A childhood dream coming from past inspired me to begin painting. I believe it is never too late to realize our full potential and dreams in our lives.
   With the dialog of paper and watercolor my paintings talk about the gentle charm of nature permeated by cricket chirps. These modest tools, mild colors and shapes express the flickers of my soul and my inner world at most.
   Creation is a wonderful gift of life that teaches me to see, feel and find inner harmony. Wonderland of trees, fields and wildflowers, happy floating, rainbow colored miracle, the music of colors, lines and figures, and their dance: this is where I feel at home.

   I can feel even today, as I stand at the fen meadow of Ásotthalom and see a sea of flowers, a fairy world of thousands of colors and views. I float in infinity and this innocent beautiful charm lifts me up...
   The silent voice of woods, the birdsong blends into the whisper of leaves, fairy band, sweet scents... nothing is missing, this is peace itself.

   The path I started is the path of fairies. They are with me, lead me and escort me on endless tracks, talk to me with tales of flowers, teach me how to see. They inspired me, friends who helped me with their knowledge and love to find the simple, the pure and the hardly noticeable things.
   My voice gets answered, I know this is not in vain - I am not alone - and this gives me strength to dream the tale onward...

My teachers, masters:

Károly Nagy graphic artist, Szegedi Szépmíves Céh,
Ferenc Pataki painter, Belvárosi Rajzkör Szeged,
Zsolt Kereszty painter, SZAFT (Szegedi Alkotók Független Társasága),
Huba Bálványos graphic artist, Hungarian Institute for Culture and Art,
Éva Dóri sculptor, visual teacher, Hungarian Institute for Culture and Art,
and my dear friend Ilona Richter graphic artist, scientific illustrator.

They added to what I am by their knowledge and love.

Exhibitions, festivals:

2005. Szeged, Amator Artium,
2005. Szeged, Bálint Sándor Cultural Centre
2006. Szeged, Petőfi telepi Cultural Centre
2007. Szeged, MÉH Gallery
2007. Szeged, Art without Borders
2008. Szeged, Petőfi telepi Cultural Centre
2009. Szeged, University of Szeged Congress Centre
2009. Vonyarcvashegy, I. „Vo-Va” Miniart International Biennale
2010. Szeged, University of Szeged Congress Centre
2010. Vonyarcvashegy, II. Balaton Salon
2010. Szeged, Art without Borders
2011. Vonyarcvashegy II. „Vo-Va” MiniArt International Biennale

Private exhibitions:

2008, 2009, 2010. Szeged, Petőfi telepi Cultural Centre
July 7 - September 4. 2011. Angelika Cafe Budapest

Creator Award
2010. Art without Borders exhibition (Hungarian Institute for Culture and Art)